Termspec Perimeter Sheeting

Termspec Perimeter Shield (above) is manufactured in Australia from 300 micron, UV stabilized gold coloured polymer sheeting containing Biflex Termiticide which provides perimeter subterranean termite protection. This material is not rated to provide a moisture proof membrane.

Predominately used as a perimeter/ cavity barrier it offers builders an economical alternative sheet barrier for situations where a damp proof course is not required.

Available in both 300 mm and 1.2m wide sheets, the product offers flexibility as it can be either cut to size or installed as supplied.

Termspec Collar

An innovative pre-formed method for protecting service penetrations through a concrete slab.

Manufactured in Australia from ridge moulded gold coloured polymer extruded with impregnated Biflex termiticide. Termspec Collar Shields provide the strength of a moulded collar combined with the effective repellency of the Biflex termiticide.

For clustered service penetrations or for difficult to fit penetrations, Termspec sheeting can also be used to form wraps for any cluster of service penetrations, no matter how challenging.

Termspec collars are available in 40mm,50mm,80mm&100mm diameter sizes.