Information for Home Owners

A Guide to Minimising the Possibility of a Termite Attack


  • Have a termite inspection carried out on an annual basis, if not more frequent. We recommend inspections by a qualified inspector.
  • Termite management systems can be rendered ineffective if building alterations or additions are made. We recommend that you contact your Termspec Accredited Installer to gain advice on any landscaping or building changes near the perimeter of your home as these may affect the barrier.
  • Do not install concrete driveways, pathways or patios to the perimeter of your home without seeking advice from your Termspec Accredited Installer.
  • Do not build rooms, fences, pergolas, patios or extensions to your home without seeking advice from your Termspec Accredited Installer.
  • Regularly take a walk around the perimeter of your home paying particular attention to the cavities commonly known as weep holes. Ensure that these weep holes are always kept clear from concrete, dirt or any other obstruction that could assist termites in gaining entry. Do not build up garden beds against the external perimeter walls. Weep holes should never be covered and at least 75mm visibility should be maintained between the ground level and the weep holes. Do not use untreated timbers to form garden beds or retaining walls, as these will attract termites. Do not allow uncontrolled growth of plants against external walls.
  • Do not stack timber or other materials against the perimeter walls of the home. Should your house be built on a concrete slab with an exposed edge it is important that you ensure the edge remains exposed. Should your house be built with a suspended floor, material that may be conducive to termite infestation, including any form-work, timber, tree stumps and similar materials must be kept out of the sub floor and away from the external walls of your home. Ensure that vents for sub-floor areas are free flowing and are not blocked. Excessive moisture in sub-floor areas can attract termite activity.
  • Review the perimeter of your home approximately every three months to inspect for termite mudding. Finding mudding early can assist in preventing termites from entering your home. Should you find mudding contact your Termspec Accredited Installer for a termite inspection.
  • Ensure that drainage pipes from hot water systems, air conditioners or leaking taps are not dripping water into soil areas around the base of your home. Moist soil can attract termites. It is recommended that such outlets be connected to drains. Contact your plumber to arrange this if needed.
  • If you are unsure of any of the above recommendations or you require additional information please call your Termspec Accredited Installer.